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EU Council adopts Nature Restoration Law

EU Council adopts Nature Restoration Law

June 2024

The EU Environmental Council has taken a pivotal step forward in safeguarding our seas with the long-awaited adoption of the Nature Restoration Law (NRL).

This landmark legislation obliges EU countries to restore at least 20% of their degraded land and marine habitats by 2030 through the adoption of national restoration plans. The NRL sets binding targets for restoring marine habitats and introduces mechanisms to restrict destructive fishing practices, aiding the recovery of key marine ecosystems such as seagrass meadows and reefs.

Despite facing strong opposition and misinformation, the law prevailed with support from 20 countries, representing over 66% of the population. This success followed mass public mobilisation, with over 1-million stakeholders, including citizens, businesses, scientists, and NGOs, demanding nature restoration.

The adoption of the NRL is a significant milestone in environmental legislation, demonstrating a commitment to biodiversity restoration, climate resilience, and sustainable fisheries management. Now, EU countries must implement it without delay.

As an organisation committed to protecting and restoring our planet’s biodiversity, we’re proud to have contributed to this achievement through our support of Oceana Europe, Seas at Risk and ClientEarth’s nature restoration campaign.

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