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Campaign update: stopping overfishing in Canada

Campaign update: stopping overfishing in Canada

June 2023

A humble forage fish has become an unlikely hero in the fight against overfishing in Canada, in a pioneering campaign to stop overfishing and restore wild fish populations.

The capelin is an important, yet vulnerable, part of the marine ecosystem. Found in cold Arctic seas, this small schooling fish is a vital part of the food web on the Atlantic Canada coast. Dolphins, cod, seals and many other species depend on capelin for survival. However, capelin and other marine species are critically depleted as a result of overfishing.

In their first campaign together, Oceana Canada and Only One called on a global audience to help save the “underdogs of the ocean”, including capelin, shrimp and snow crabs. Over 100,000 supporters answered their call, signing online petitions to push for an end to overfishing in Canada.

In response to coordinated efforts between Oceana Canada, Only One and other organisations, the Canadian government has acted, creating regulations that protect depleted fish stocks and trigger the development of rebuilding plans to bring fish populations such as capelin back to healthy levels. Over the coming months, the government will expand the number of stocks these new regulations apply to.

At Becht Foundation, we are excited by the potential of campaigns like this to contribute to change. Please reach out to us if you’d like to hear more about using digital marketing tools to amplify scientific, legal and advocacy efforts in ocean and climate campaigns.

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