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Grant-making at the Becht Foundation

We appreciate learning about organisations around the globe that aim to address issues aligned with our purpose. However, please note that we have very clear criteria in place to consider projects for funding. We ask you to carefully assess your application vs these criteria to ensure fit and relevance with our mission and approach.

Criteria for funding:

  • Clear and direct alignment of your project with the Becht Foundation mission: protection and restoration of biodiversity in the marine space
  • Measurable KPIs and specific outcomes that are a clear step-forward in marine conservation
  • Provision of a phased budget alongside a timetable for KPI achievement

We do not provide support for:

  • Organisations or projects that do not fulfil the above criteria;
  • Individuals;
  • Scholarships or tuition assistance for undergraduate or postgraduate students;

Once the form has been submitted, we will respond to you if we require further information or if we invite you to provide a complete application. Unfortunately, due to the volume of requests, we will not respond if your project does not meet the requirements outlined above.

To begin the grant application process, please provide the following information and a representative will contact you.